About Me

Hello, world!


It's great to meet you! My name is Brittni Shoup-Owens and the handsome man in the picture is someone I like to call my husband, but he likes to be called Elliott.


I'm from the small state of South Dakota and have a Bachelor's of Science degree in English for New Media. What's that you ask? Well, it's basically English, but it also focuses on New Media (such as a blog, social media, newsletters, etc.). 


I married my high school sweetheart in the summer of 2016. We have a "mini-farm" as my dad likes to call it, with two cats and two dogs, as well as a house we are blessed to call our own. 


Things I love and enjoy are God, family, friends, animals, travel, DIY projects, movies, the beach, and, of course, editing and writing. 


I love music, literature, and the power of words. The way thoughts and feelings can be transcribed is incredibly beautiful, especially when they cause people to think deeply and experience emotions on an intricate level. Hopefully, my blog invites you to do the same, and if not then I hope to at least inspire you in some way. 


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